Whether you’re a large lending institution or you’re a small business, you will find that LPPI (Lender’s Property Protection Inc.) is the RIGHT CHOICE with Asset Recovery needs in the DFW (Dallas – Fort Worth) & North TX area!

We understand your frustration. As a lender, the need to repossess an asset because your client has defaulted on their loan is a ‘worst case scenario’ for your business; and the last thing you want is a second-rate asset recovery company handling your case. So when asset recovery is necessary and you want a turnkey repossession services company there’s at least 5 Great Reasons LPPI is the RIGHT CHOICE for you.
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LPPI is a locally owned, full service asset recovery (repossession) company with over 25 years of experience; servicing DFW & North TX. We use best practices and state of the art equipment and technology to locate your collateral, safely recover the asset, carefully store the asset (and recondition it if necessary), and quickly transport it to you on time; every time.

Warm and friendly service and meticulous attention to executing each step in our process for every single case is our hallmark. A turnkey service, your complete peace of mind and overwhelming satisfaction is certain with LPPI. Our Password Protected Site Member area service keeps you ‘in the loop’ on the status of all of jobs we’re handling for you. These unique features area just a few of the qualities that make us the right asset recovery choice for DFW & all of North TX!

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